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Charles Rubio

Yes....we're ready to rumble.

Pro's Visit.

Two of our finest....Sue J. & Cherrel...leading the way to Sign-Up.

My flash wasn't working so well...but look at these bright smiles.

Andrew & Katy at the 2004 Awards Breakfast

2005 Award Winners

What do you think Kelly and Evelyn are talking about?

Raul & Pam. A day in the life?

Sue Izard and Roger Foster...all smiles.

We'll miss Pam and Terry.

Michele Flory...The Villager/Conroe Courier 2004 Realtor Of The Year. Way to go!

Henry Cheek holding court...Dick & Becky Roberts are hanging on every word.

Roger Davila - Where's my Crown & Water?

Then what happened?

The guest of honor.

Pam saying "Good Bye" Why is she smiling if she's sad to go?

Pam explains what an interesting collection of people we have on our team.

Here's about 1,000,000 mega-watts .

Super Stars